10,000 comments for 10,000 children: Blogust 2012

10,000 comments for 10,000 children: Blogust 2012


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This piece, by ONE Mom Roxanna Sarmiento, was originally posted on Everyday Treats and the [email protected] blog.

During [email protected] Blogust, 31 bloggers, one each day in August, are writing about people from our communities who have inspired us. The first 1,500 comments in the Blogust: Blog Relay for Good raised $30,000 for childhood vaccines ($20 per comment) in a matter of days! YAAAY! The initial donation commitment (see FAQs) is now complete and your comments have helped vaccinate 1,500 children in developing countries!

However, we are not stopping there!

Thanks to you – and the incredible response to Blogust 2012 – you’ve inspired an additional donor to make a generous pledge of $170,000 to this amazing blog relay and what it can achieve this month.

If we all reach this target, combined with the initial $30,000, we will be providing lifesaving vaccines to help protect 10,000 children in developing countries against some of the deadliest diseases.

Your comments count. And your donations, large and small, and the actions of the whole community, including our dear friend Anne Geddes, have helped inspire this amazing response.


For every comment made as part of Blogust 2012, $20 will be donated to [email protected] to help provide life-saving vaccines to children in developing countries up to the additional $170,000 contribution made possible by this generous gift. We need your help to reach this goal of protecting 10,000 kids.

This response is an amazing tribute to you. While we were already inspired when you helped us reach our initial goal of $30,000, we are equally as inspired knowing you will help us reach this new goal. Keep posting. Keep donating. Tell your friends about Blogust. Our actions together can make a huge impact….and all of it together tells an extraordinary story of celebrating each other and helping create a better world.

Since this is a relay, Blogust participants are passing the baton to the each other. Yesterday, Tiany of Social Savvy Mom wrote about the gift of comments and how the words of online friends helped her through a difficult time. Now she has passed the baton on to me, and tomorrow it’s Catherine Connor’s turn. Be sure to visit Her Bad Mother and leave a comment on her post tomorrow.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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