Got 15 minutes? Watch this Kenyan organization transform this community

Got 15 minutes? Watch this Kenyan organization transform this community


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Our friends at the Foods Resource Bank shared this awesome mini-documentary of some of the work that Pwani Christian Community Services (PCCS), a Kenyan farming organization they help fund, is doing in the Kilifi District of Kenya. In just 15 minutes, you’ll witness some of the incredible agricultural transformations that the area underwent since 2000, when PCCS began working with the community.

Before PCCS came to Kilifi, residents found it nearly impossible to keep food and water on the table during the hunger season. As a result, people were pushed into desperate situations, which kept the area poor and impoverished. But PCCS encouraged small farmers to take a look around their community and utilize their available resources to help put an end to hunger. They showed farmers to plant drought-resistant crops, taught women how to harvest rainwater, and gave the community’s poorest people chickens to breed to help bring in a source of income.

Probably the most amazing part of the video is hearing the small farmers tell the stories of what life was like before PCCS came — and what it is like now. You get the idea that these farmers feel a sense of empowerment and pride for the work that they do.

Watch the video now, and be sure to leave a comment below and let PCCS and Foods Resource Bank know what you think.

Visit Foods Resource Bank to learn more about their efforts to promote sustainable agriculture in the world’s poorest places. And be sure to sign our petition to ensure that small farmers like the ones in Kilifi never have to undergo a hunger cycle again.


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