Amazing Africa: A glimpse of the drought in the Sahel region

Amazing Africa: A glimpse of the drought in the Sahel region


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David Orme’s photos from the drought in the Sahel region of Africa could not be more timely. Earlier today, we launched our petition to President Obama to stop the cycle of hunger in some of the world’s poorest places, and this is the perfect way to visualize why we need to take action. David Orme, who is a photographer with the French Red Cross in Mauritania, took these poignant yet hopeful photos in April in the Gorgol Region on the border of Senegal. Little rainfall in the western region of Africa has made for failed crops, leaving this area in a state of emergency.

Workers prepare nutritional meals for malnourished children in the regional capital of Kaedi.

Extremely dried up land.


Woman shows off the carrots that she was able to harvest.
Don’t let these people go through another drought again. Sign our petition against hunger now.

Dead Animal
This photograph is a testament to what this area of the world is experiencing right now.
Mother with child
A mother gives her daughter nutrient fortified food.

The river is almost completely dried up.


Women showing us their small harvest.
People gather in the Women’s garden in Tikobra, Mauritania.

Water for their crops.

Water on head

Carrying her food that she was able to gather from the garden.
The French Red Cross was able to dig a well for this area, providing water to drink and for the Women’s garden.

Woman with tomatoes

Woman proudly displaying her tomatoes.
From these photos, it’s clear that the Sahel region of Africa is in serious need of help. Please SIGN OUR PETITION to help the 18 million people affected by this drought in the Sahel region.

To see more of David’s photographs, check out his website here.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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