ONE Act a Week: Turn YOUR tweet into a digital panel on our 2015(QUILT)

ONE Act a Week: Turn YOUR tweet into a digital panel on our 2015(QUILT)


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Action: 52. Time: 2 minutes. Level of difficulty: Easy.

I love Twitter for so many reasons: it’s my top source for news links, a connection to friends and colleagues, a way to measure trends, and a way to take action with causes that I support. But I’ve always wondered when does something so fleeting as a tweet become something more than just 140 characters floating in the Twitterverse? Now, a tweet can do a whole lot more: it can be a work of art and a voice in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

You can take action right now by submitting a tweet to the (2015)QUILT and it will magically create a quilt panel using your tweet. It’s easy: first submit a tweet with the hashtag #2015quilt, like this:


And voila, here’s my panel from my tweet:

Your tweet can be funny, inspiring, a memorial to a loved one, or a rallying cry in the fight against AIDS — as long as it’s within about 130 characters or so and has the hashtag #2015quilt. This is a great way to take action, especially if you haven’t visited ONE and (RED)’s online digital AIDS quilt yet or you want to take an action while you’re on the go from your mobile phone.

This week, as the International AIDS Conference is held in DC and the AIDS Memorial Quilt is shown on the National Mall, this is a great time to make your voice heard along with the thousands of people who have submitted their quilt panels. And we’ll continue to grow the (2015)QUILT through World AIDS Day this December 1 as we continue to push to see the Beginning of the End of AIDS.

So go turn your tweet into a work of art.

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