Amazing Africa: Around the continent

This past week, we did a Twitter roundup asking ONE members to share their best photographs from their trips to Africa with us. And what a remarkable response we had! We chose 10 photographs from six different photographers around the world to share with you. Their photos from South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya and South Africa cover a range of topics, from education to agriculture to animal life.

This lush green field is actually a peanut garden. In South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria. Photo credit: Peter Biro/ International Rescue Committee.

This picture just looks like a work of art to me. A truly beautiful photograph. A traditional birth attendant in South Sudan’s Northern Bahr el Ghazal state. Photo credit: Peter Biro/ International Rescue Committee

A proud mama right here. At an International Rescue Committee health center in Malualkon, South Sudan. Photo credit: Peter Biro/ International Rescue Committee.

I couldn’t help but think of Pumbaa when I saw this picture of a warthog… Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Photo credit: Nhamo Matsvimbo.

Very cool angle. In Namibia. Photo credit: Megan Lee.

Kiddos swinging on tree branches. In Namibia. Photo credit: Megan Lee.

Yum! Look at all that fruit! Women on a street selling produce in Watamu, Kenya. Photo credit: Sarah Grill.

Yikes. The lion looks like he found his dinner. At Kruger National Park in South Africa. Photo credit: Christie VanHorne.

So much joy. Photo credit: Bridget McQuillan.

I just love this. Photo credit: Bridget McQuillan.

Which picture is your favorite? Tell us below in the comment box! If you have any interesting photos you would like to share from Africa, email them to Malaka at [email protected] with the subject line, “Amazing Africa.”