For Father’s Day, talk to your kids about HIV/AIDS

For Father’s Day, talk to your kids about HIV/AIDS


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ONE Dad blogger C.C. Chapman has a message for all the dads out there for Father’s Day…

I want to take a moment to wish all the dads of the world a very happy Father’s Day.

While we may get overshadowed, made fun of or downright forgotten about sometimes, I know that each of us know in our hearts how important we are to our family and any excuse to spend more time with them is a great thing.

As I thought about what I wanted to write here this weekend, I got thinking about a conversation I had with my children when I returned home from my ONE trip to Ghana.

I was going through the highlights of the trip and we got talking about the time we spent at Africa’s third largest hospital learning about their HIV treatment. I explained to the kids that we got to talk
to several HIV-positive mothers about how the treatments they received had prevented them from passing the disease on to their children.

What shocked me, and why I’m sharing this, is that they didn’t really know all that much about HIV and AIDS.

They are both middle schoolers and I know that they have health class. They know all about sex and have covered STDs, but it seems that they are not talking directly about AIDS and what it is and isn’t.

So, I want to call on all parents reading this to take two actions this Father’s Day weekend with your children.

  • Sit down with them and educated them about HIV and AIDS. How and what you say is based a lot on how old they are, but at a minimum you can teach them about this horrible disease and it is affecting people around the world.
  • Sign this petition to help support the beginning of the end of AIDS. Every voice counts!

My day will be spent offline enjoying the day with my family. But, in the back of my head I know I’ll be thinking about all the dads I met in Ghana and hoping that them and their children are having a similar day together.


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