How Mobile Tech Fights Poverty (INFOGRAPHIC)

I doubt anyone takes their cell phone for granted in this world, especially since 5.6 billion of us have one. But, most people probably don’t know the real advantages of having a cell phone. More than just calling or texting friends or taking photos, a cell phone can be a lifesaver and can actually help fight poverty. Mobile technology means access to banking, can keep people healthy, and can deliver an education.

USAID shows all of these advantages of how mobile phones tackle poverty in a great new infographic — a fun way to visualize how that little piece of technology that threads us all together can do so much. By 2016, there will be one billion mobile phones in use in Africa and the increase in mobile penetration can raise the GDP growth rate by 1.2%. View more in the infographic below and check out more from USAID on mobile solutions. Thanks to TechTalkAfrica for the heads-up on this post on this as well.