Check in with (RED)RUSH on foursquare

Check in with (RED)RUSH on foursquare


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed all the (RED) on our website and blog… we’re helping to promote (RED)RUSH, a 10-day campaign to raise money and funds for the fight against HIV/AIDS. Today, we want to highlight how you can get involved with (RED)RUSH through foursquare.

In case you haven’t heard of foursquare, it’s a social network (like Facebook and Twitter) that encourages users to check into your location to “unlock” coupons, rewards and tips.

For (RED)RUSH, (RED) and foursquare have partnered for the largest non-profit check-in campaign to date. (RED)’s partner Starbucks is donating $1 to the Global Fund for every foursquare check-in to Starbucks locations in the US and Canada, up to $250,000. Bugaboo will donate 1 dollar, pound or Euro to the Global Fund until June 10 for check-ins at third party retailers around the world, including the Bugaboo Store in US, Peppermint, LTD. in the UK and Rabasa in Spain.

So far, (RED) and ONE supporters have already helped raise $119,000 — nearly halfway to Starbucks’ goal of $250,000.


So, if you already use foursquare, then this is a perfect way to help raise much-needed funding for this life-saving program, plus with your first check-in, you’ll unlock this special (RED)RUSH TO ZERO badge (in the photo above). And just as a reminder, you can check in multiple times throughout the week.

If you’re not a foursquare user, no worries. There are lots of other ways to get involved. Take a look at the full list of actions here, and keep an eye on the ONE Blog for more highlighted actions like these.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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