Living to tell the story

Living to tell the story


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

ONE Mom Rachel Fox explains why you should join USAID’s Every Child Deserves a Fifth Birthday campaign.


How much do you remember before the age of five? There is always the friend who says they remember every detail, but I think for most of us, those memories are cloudy. It’s the pictures we see and the stories we hear that remind us of where we came from.

How much do you remember after the age of five? I bet your life story becomes more vivid from there. I clearly remember swimming in the Junior Olympics, graduating from high school, receiving a nursing scholarship, working as a RN at the VA Hospital (actually saving a few lives). I then became married, had three ONEderful children, and found myself as a passionate advocate for the ONE Campaign.

Our story is what has brought us here to this moment right now. Imagine 7.6 million of those stories not unfolding, because they have died from preventable causes, such as pneumonia and diarrhea. We now have the advances in science and technology to see that every child everywhere in the world can reach their 5th birthday. Combining simple, low-cost, very straightforward interventions we can save these lives and watch their stories unfold.

This year, under the leadership of the honorable Administrator Raj Shah, USAID is launching the Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday campaign. This project helps put this all in perspective by asking us to reflect on our own lives. You can upload a picture of yourself here and share your wish for kids around the world. Then mark your calendar for a Child Survival Call To Action live webinar event on June 14 and 15 where we can truly come together as ONE to end childhood preventable deaths.

Think of the world changing that would come with more than 7 million more stories to tell!!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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