One last reminder to global leaders before the G8…

One last reminder to global leaders before the G8…


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When we heard that global leaders would be convening at the Chicago Council’s global agriculture event in Washington today, the first thing we thought was: We gotta take a advantage of this big moment!


In addition to printing YOUR messages to the G8 down Pennsylvania Ave. with our ONE Street Tweeter, we wrangled 20 ONE members and staffers to hold up giant signs around the Freedom Plaza, near the Reagan Building, where the Chicago Council event was being held. As world leaders entered the complex, they couldn’t miss our message fragmented out and displayed on 16 huge, bright green and black posters:

“Dear G8 leaders, 250,000 ONE members from all over the world want to give you some good news… (for a change). You hold it in your power to break the cycle of hunger + poverty (for good). 30 countries, 15 million fewer children malnourished, 50 million people out of poverty. It won’t be easy (but great things never are). Be bold. Act Now. Build a plan for the future of millions (not just a few). Sow the seeds of Change.”

Check out some of the photos from today:

IMG_1062 IMG_1059 IMG_1043 IMG_1110

Did we mention our ONE members came out at 6:30 a.m.? Now that’s devotion! Give them a virtual high five by leaving a comment below.

Photo credit: Mike Drachkovitch


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