Photos: Our ONE Street Tweeter in action

Photos: Our ONE Street Tweeter in action


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The ONE Street Tweet printing has begun! Yesterday, we went out to Maryland to print the first batch of your messages on the streets around an agriculture research facility. So far, more than 34 countries — including all 50 states and every G8 country — contributed to our ONE Street Tweet efforts. We’ll continue printing in Thurmont, Maryland today and Pennsylvania Ave. (right in front of the White House) in Washington, D.C., tonight.

Remember — the whole goal of this action is to take your messages to the G8 on global agriculture to the streets — literally. So, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Take a look at some of the photos from our efforts over the past two days:

Here’s what the machine looks like. It is basically a gigantic ink-jet printer on wheels! The machine moves at about 5 miles an hour — so you can imagine how long printing just 100 messages takes.

The machine is being pulled along by this truck right here.

Making our truck look fancy.

What it looks like all together.

Here’s our lovely ONE logo emblazoned on the road. The ONE Street Tweeter uses washable, non-toxic paint to print the messages.

And here’s our Thrive logo!

Here’s a message from one a ONE member. “Teach a man to fish- feed him forever,” it says.

Just to give you an idea of the area where we’re printing our tweets.

Our driver.

Adding paint to the inkjets below the Street Tweeter.

A close-up of the ink jets.

Celebrities and public officials have been taking part in our Street Tweet action, too. Take a look at what they’ve been saying:

It’s not too late to take part in our ONE Street Tweet action. In fact, we need 1,000 more tweets by tomorrow — so this is a perfect time to get involved! And remember, if we choose to print your tweet, we’ll send you back a photo of it.

Photo credit: Mike Drachkovitch/ ONE


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