Don’t be fooled… we can reach the beginning of the end of AIDS

ONE pulled a lot of legs yesterday. We launched our new spot “I Predict” across the web and in an April Fool’s Day email to our members with a series of crazy predictions for what could happen by 2015 — “kittens will be banned from YouTube,” “Charlie Sheen will be president,” “fax machines will make a comeback.” We got your attention. Now we want you to act to support the one prediction that can actually come true: the beginning of the end of AIDS.

“I Predict” was shot at the Sundance Film Festival back in January thanks to the generosity of our friends at the Sundance Channel, who made ONE their nonprofit partner for the festival. We used this amazing opportunity to engage the celebrities you see in the spot. Many of them asked what “the beginning of the end of AIDS” actually is, and how we planned to get there. Great question — here’s the answer.

We’ve defined the beginning of the end of AIDS as the point at which the number of people newly added to treatment outpaces the number of people newly infected with HIV in a given year. That year could be 2015. Even then, we’ll still have a long way to go — but we will have broken the back of the AIDS pandemic as we know it now.

Leaders from around the world have demonstrated the political and financial will to fight this disease. Leading scientists agree it is possible to see the beginning of the end of AIDS. But how will we do it by 2015?

ONE has outlined three goals that will get us there:

1. Work to virtually eliminate the transmission of HIV from mother-to-child
2. Accelerate access to treatment and get 15 million people on ARVs
3. Promote prevention techniques like voluntary male circumcision to stop new infections

The fact is we’re at a turning point. The incredible progress we’ve already made –- and could make — is at risk.

Every generation is known for something. Ours could be the one that bends the curve of this pandemic. And it starts with you right now. Sign ONE’s petition to reverse budget cuts to life-saving AIDS programs — and ask your friends to do the same.

Sharing this news with your social network is critical. ONE has always been about the collective power of voices raised together. Now we’re asking you to take that to the next level by using your social media power to spread the word. ONE does not buy commercial time on TV or the web — you are our media plan — for every launch, for every message.

The beginning of the end of AIDS is an amazing story. But the world won’t hear about it without you. Here are some tools to get you started:

• Short link:
• Twitter Hashtag: #ipredict
• Twitter Handle: @ONECampaign

Sample tweets:

• #ipredict in 2015 we will finally see the Beginning of the End of AIDS via @ONECampaign
• #ipredict in 2015 we will see an AIDS free generation. Please join me via @ONECampaign
• Join me and @ONECampaign to support the Beginning of the End of AIDS #ipredict

So whether you tweet, post, pin or anything else, you can help make the beginning of the end of aids a reality — pretty amazing stuff if you ask me.