Chicago volunteer dishes on her St. Paddy’s Day with ONE

Chicago volunteer dishes on her St. Paddy’s Day with ONE


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When people in Chicago think of St. Patrick’s Day, they think of the Chicago River dyed bright green and participating in our massive parade for the holiday. But as a ONE volunteer, I thought of St. Patrick’s Day as the perfect opportunity to educate a group of people about our cause.


In the beginning, I was very nervous about walking up to strangers on the street and talking to them about ONE and how they can help fight extreme poverty around the world. But, once I reached the Chicago River and saw how festive everyone was, I gained confidence. My nervousness soon turned into excitement, and with the two other volunteers, we started rocking out by the green river and getting signatures. It was amazing to see that people actually cared about our cause and were willing to listen to us, laugh with us, and even tell us a little about themselves.

We also walked over to Millennium Park near the parade, and it was simply amazing. People were so friendly and approachable, and we had the opportunity to speak to big groups (which meant more signatures). We were able to talk to all kinds of people — tourists, foreigners, families, students and local Chicagoans.

My experience as a ONE volunteer was glorious and made me feel good about myself. I had fun, while still helping to make a difference, what more could I have asked for. I was glad to know, that in just three hours or so, three of us were all able to get a total of more than 100 signatures. We made a pretty great team! :)

I look forward to volunteering with ONE again, I would happily convince others to join me.

-Unique Love, ONE volunteer, Chicago


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