Amazing Africa: World Water Day edition

Amazing Africa: World Water Day edition


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In these photos, we tried to capture what it means to have clean, fresh drinking water. It’s what we use for cooking, drinking and cleaning. It’s how we irrigate crops and plants. And bodies of fresh water also provide fishermen with jobs and people with food, and is a way to maintain sanitation. Look at the photos below, and take a moment to think about all the ways that clean water touches on our daily lives:

Zakia's son fetching water at the well near their house
Fetching water at a well near the house. Zanzibar, Tanzania. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE.

P.S. Right now we’re urgently calling on Congress to protect programs that fight HIV/AIDS and hunger, save lives and help the world’s poor pull themselves out of poverty. Please add your voice here:

Fishermen on Lake Victoria return from a long night's work
Dunga Beach is just one of the many fishing boat depots where fisherman embark to catch tilapia and catfish in the massive, tranquil fresh waters of Lake Victoria. Here, fishermen return to the shores after a long night’s work. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE.

Wholesale buyers rush to the boats once the last fishing boat h
Wholesale fish buyers rush to the boats once the last fishing boat is in. Lake Victoria. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE.

Mawango/Kapiri Lea School
A cook prepares lunch for students at the Mawango/Kapiri Lea School in Malawi. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE.

The Agriculture for Life Advancement program, a USAID Feed the Future Initiative, focuses on irrigation and watershed management among other things in places like Zomba, Malawi. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE.

Water pump
A water pump in Mali for sanitation purposes.

Kid with cup
Cheers to you, too!

Boy selling water at Makola market
A boy selling water at the Makola market. It comes in plastic bags, not bottles. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE.

Two boys filling up their water bottles in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Photo credit: Marco Urban

AFADJTATOR, GHANA - JANUARY 12, 20. (Photos by Morgana Wingard)
Carrying water from the well back home. Afadjtator, Ghana. Photo credit: Morgana Wingard/ONE.

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