Where do your tax dollars go?

Where do your tax dollars go?


Join the fight against extreme poverty

March Madness? How about tax madness? Ah, tax season. Whether it’s money you owe, or a refund coming your way, I’m sure you know how much it is. But if you’re like most us of, you likely don’t know where your tax dollars actually go. Think about it. Do you know how your tax dollars are spent? Don’t be discouraged, neither did I.

There’s so much talk in the news about social security, Medicare, and foreign assistance spending. It got us wondering how much we contribute to each. Well, thankfully we’ve now got a simple way for you to find out.

Today, we’re launching our new Interactive Tax Tool that shows you where your tax dollars go. Just enter your household income and you’ll see your tax money break down into eight categories -– national defense, social security, health, unemployment, Medicare, interest on US debt, foreign assistance and other. It’s not exact — it assumes you file as a single without exemptions — but you get the picture.

Click here to go to ONE’s Interactive Tax Tool

Most importantly, ONE’s tax tool reveals how only a small fraction of the US budget has already dramatically improved the lives of the poorest people on the planet, and how you personally have contributed to that effort. Together, Americans have helped put 5 million people on AIDS medication, halved malaria deaths in 11 African countries and saved the lives of 15 million children. Pretty amazing stuff.

Time and again, research has shown us that when people see how much good is being done for so little, their opinions on foreign assistance change. As a matter of fact, there’s no single message that effectively changes more skeptics into believers than the living proof of what has been accomplished for so little. The problem is, not enough people have seen this proof. That’s where you come in.

I’m asking you to not only check out the Tax Tool yourself, but to share it with all your friends. And ask them to share it with their friends too. Because the more people who see the proof that foreign aid is working, the more people will stand up to protect it. And after all, that’s what ONE is all about.


Join the fight against extreme poverty

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