Faith at ONE signs up 100 new members at Jubilee 2012

Last week, ONE had a strong presence at Jubilee 2012, an annual conference for Christian college students. Several volunteers from the Pittsburgh area and the University of Pittsburgh tabled, gathered signatures and told attendees about extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases.

Conference goers had the chance to hear Micheal Gerson, senior adviser at ONE, speak. ONE’s own Adam Phillips, ONE’s faith relations director, gave a workshop on HIV/AIDS, called the Beginning of the End of AIDS, that laid out ONEs goals for HIV/AIDS eradication.

The conference was a great opportunity to reach out to students and educate young people and how to — as students and as communities of faith — respond to the world’s poor and those communities dealing with HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases.

ONE at Jubilee conf. 2
The response was overwhelmingly positive and warm, with more than 100 people signing up as ONE members.

-Brian Thomas, Congressional District Leader, Pennsylvania