Jubilation! Support for anti-corruption is 100,000 strong and growing

SEC Petition Jubilee1 2.23.12

You signed and we delivered! Yesterday, members of ONE and Jubilee USA joined forces to deliver the names of more than 100,000 petition signers to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). By adding your name, you joined thousands in this crucial step to ensure that the SEC commissioners stand up to big oil companies and release a rule that upholds the spirit of the Cardin-Lugar Amendment, a new law designed to protect investors and fight corruption by putting put an end to secret deals between extractive companies and foreign governments.

After dropping off the petitions, ONE member Emily Korenak reflected, “It was cool having something so substantial to deliver. The stacks of paper were pretty heavy, so I hope the weight of the people’s voices weighs on the minds of the SEC commissioners.”

We hope so too, Emily! The fight isn’t over yet. This was just Round 1. We’ll be dropping off the names of more petition signers in the week (or weeks) to come. So please help us to keep fighting by asking your friends to sign the petition!