TAKE ACTION: Tell Big Oil we won’t be bullied

TAKE ACTION: Tell Big Oil we won’t be bullied


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It’s a super busy day around here. Why? Because today we’re launching a new campaign — and we’ve got lots for you to do.

We actually gave you a sneak peek last week. Back in 2010, ONE members pushed Congress to pass the Cardin-Lugar Amendment. Remember that? The law says that all oil, gas and mining companies must report what they pay to foreign governments, which is a very big deal. It means that citizens in African countries (among other places) can see exactly what their leaders get paid, which makes it a whole lot easier to make sure corrupt leaders don’t try and pocket the money.


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Here’s the problem. The law was sent to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and they still need to finalize these rules. But right now, several big oil companies are trying to pressure the SEC and secretly change the best parts of this law. They want to keep their deals hidden — and we can’t let them do this.

So what can you do to help? It’s simple. First, head over to our Act Now page and sign our petition asking the SEC not to give in to demands from Big Oil. After you’ve signed, then tell the SEC why this issue really matters to you in our comment box. We’ll make sure your comments get sent to the SEC right away.


And remember, we’re fighting a pretty big opponent here, so we need all the names we can get. Don’t just sign our petition or pass along comments. You guys know the drill. Share the campaign on Facebook, tweet at your friends (#NoSecretDeals) and get everyone you know to add their names.

And want to find out even more about this issue to wow your family and friends with your smarts? Check out this handy fact sheet from Publish What You Pay on our Hot Topics page to get started. And stay tuned to our blog, too. We’ve already posted lots of great content, but we’ll have lots more coming up.

I’m off. Time to practice what I preach and start tweeting away. And in case I failed to mention this before, thanks for all your help!


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