How well do you know your MDGs?

The Millennium Development Goals or MDGs are mentioned regularly by ONE (and many other campaigning organizations) — but how well-known are they? Could you list all eight? And do you how many are likely to have been met by their target date of 2015?

MDG screenshot
The MDGs are a set of poverty-busting targets agreed by 189 nations in the year 2000. They cover hunger and extreme poverty, education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, environmental sustainability, and a commitment to global cooperation for development.

As a quick guide, we’ve put together a new page that explains the MDGs and progress towards them, do have a look and share with your networks — we will continue to update this page as the clock ticks closer to 2015.

Please also urge your friends and family to join ONE. Now more than ever we need to make sure we hold leaders to account over the promises they made to the world’s poor.