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Earlier this week, the Nigerian government removed a fuel subsidy that had kept gas prices in Nigeria artificially low. Because of this action, gas prices doubled basically overnight. As you could imagine, many people in Nigeria are not happy with this development (from CNN):

Furious Nigerians have since taken to the streets, staging ‘Occupy Nigeria’ protests and mass demonstrations across the country.

Police have responded forcefully with many arrests. At least one person has died amid the unrest: 23-year-old student Muyideen Mustafa was allegedly hit by a police bullet in Ilorin, Kwara State.

A police spokesman in Kano State also confirmed to CNN that they fired teargas into a crowd staging a midnight protest Wednesday in order to disperse a largely peaceful demonstration by Muslims and Christians.

For more information on the clashes, CNN has been following this story pretty closely and up-to-the-minute. And for a digestible rundown on the background leading up to the Nigerian government’s decision to eliminate the fuel subsidy, I’d recommend this useful Wikipedia entry.


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