Help us win Mashable’s Must-Follow Nonprofit award

Help us win Mashable’s Must-Follow Nonprofit award


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

Earlier this month, we asked for your help to nominate ONE for Mashable’s Social Media Awards in the category of “Must-Follow Nonprofit.” And WOW, did you come through in a big way!

ONE is now nominated as a finalist in “Must-Follow Non-Profit on Social Media” category, an honor bestowed to us and six other lucky organizations. We’re truly honored to be nominated for the award with such great groups. Now, we need your help again to help us win this great honor. So visit Mashable‘s Social Media award website now and nominate ONE campaign:


Looking back at what has happened over the last month, we have hardly been resting on our laurels. We just posted a great Facebook photo album of our Agriculture petition deliveries in Washington, DC, London, Paris and Berlin. ONE members asked USAID to fund quality education projects, and then we got a great tweet back in response from them. And our Africa office just launched an African version of our fantastic famine PSA campaign on YouTube. Your shares and likes helped us reach more than 400,000 petition signers, hundred of thousands of PSA viewings, and helped our ONE Campus and Faith at ONE programs reach new people.

And next week, we’ll launch a social network campaign that we’re sure turn heads and create a new way of looking at advocacy… and hopefully help to bring about the beginning of the end of AIDS. It’s such a great program, we can’t wait to share it with you!

Until then, take two seconds and give us your vote. Also, tell us why you’re voting for us in our comments section or talk to us on Twitter. We know that ending poverty and disease is a tough mission and we’re really glad that we’re not in this fight alone. Let’s win this prize together.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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