Take over Water.org’s Twitter account for a week

Take over Water.org’s Twitter account for a week


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Imagine if you could be the spokesperson for your favorite nonprofit for a few moments. What would you say? How would you mobilize their audience to take action against the world’s injustices? What issues would you focus on?

Water.org, in partnership with Twitter, is giving one lucky person the opportunity to do just that. During the month of August, water and sanitation activists can enter their competition to take over — or “twakeover”– their Twitter handle, @water, for an entire week.

To become Water.org’s “Twee-EO,” you’ll need to tweet, Facebook update, email, Buzz, tumble, Google+ your heart out and get as many votes as possible on your profile page. During the week of September 5, the winner will be able to tweet, RT, mention anything they want to @water’s 400,000-plus Twitter followers — on the topic of water and sanitation, of course.

As ONE’s resident Twitter handler, I will be honest — tweeting for an organization is a whole lot of fun. But it’s also hard work, too. Making people care about our issues isn’t easy. As they say in Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.” Good luck!


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