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Visit today? Well if you haven’t, stop, drop and click because that’s right -– ONE’s brand new original documentary, “Voodoo and Vaccines in Benin, Africa” is featured on the homepage! Yes, homepage. With placement on the website’s most trafficked page and within the Opinion section of the, ONE couldn’t be more proud to share our new documentary, accompanied by a gripping article crafted by Michael Gerson, ONE fellow, nationally syndicated columnist and former head of speech writing for President George W. Bush.

The documentary, accompanied by Gerson’s storyline, demonstrates how alliances built on very different cultural beliefs — traditional voodoo and modern medicine –- bond to overcome adversities and deliver life-saving vaccines to children in Benin, Africa. While not considered typically fatal in the US, for developing countries like Benin, more than one-third of all deaths of children under five are caused by pneumonia and rotavirus (diarrhea). This doesn’t have to be the case. Vaccines –- cost effective and affordable -– can offer a lifetime of protection.

In the documentary we see an ensemble of very distinctive characters – a voodoo deejay, a French journalist, a health care worker and a New York City-based pediatrician. This unlikely troupe, however, shares a common cry: get vaccines to children and start saving lives. You can too. Watch the documentary, read the CNN article and share your comments with us directly under the article on or on Facebook. And of course, if you haven’t already, add your voice to the more than 350,000 ONE members around the globe to help save four million children’s lives in the next five years by providing vaccines to children who need them the most.


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