VIDEO: Did someone just say ‘voodoo’?


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Oui! I believe we did.

By now, I’m sure most of you are aware that ONE members around the globe are raising their voices to help save four million children’s lives in the next five years, in part by vaccinating against the top two disease killers of children in poor countries: diarrhea and pneumonia. Each year, more children die from these two diseases than from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. But together as ONE we’re doing something about it.

I’m excited to announce the recent release of ONE’s first original documentary, “Vaccines and Voodoo in Benin, Africa”. ONE collaborated with VBS, hipster magazine Vice’s television network (Spike Jonze is the creative director), to produce a short film about the powerful partnerships between practitioners of traditional and modern medicine in Benin. The film is available in French, German and English and will be broadcast on television networks throughout the African continent later this year. The documentary was already released in several of our international markets and we received fantastic feedback from many of our members during our Facebook Live launch event!

For this documentary, ONE and Vice traveled into the heart of Benin -– the self-described “birthplace of voodoo” -– to document how medical practitioners have built a bridge between the traditional and the modern to combat diseases most likely to prey on children under five. Along the way you’ll meet people like Dah Aligbonon, a respected high voodoo priest and radio deejay, who reaches out to his huge radio audience to spread the message of the importance of getting your children vaccinated.

The documentary ends with a beautiful message from Leontine Martin Koreya, a health care worker who works closely with the mothers and children in need of these vaccines. In describing her role to administer these life-saving drugs, she says:

“It is the health worker who is following the pregnancy and the one who helps the mum delivering the baby. And it’s the health worker again who follows up on the children until they get to go to school. A health worker is someone who is driven by self sacrifice in his or her work. Someone who cares about reducing the pain. It’s important to know people care. Someone who cares about saving the life of the person standing in front of them.”

ONE’s hope is that this documentary will inspire you to do the same –- by sharing this video with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter and signing our vaccines petition to join more than 300,000 ONE members in the fight to save four million children in just five years!


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