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Do you have a ONE T-shirt? You have probably noticed the text printed inside the T-shirt. Almost all of our shirts are made in Africa. Here at ONE, we like to practice what we preach. And since we believe that Trade = Development, we support the sourcing and buying of products from Africa, including our own T-shirts.

So much work goes into making cotton garments, including our African-made T-shirts. The textile industry is one of the most labor-intensive of all industries and creates lots of jobs. To date, ONE has purchased shirts from Uganda and Tanzania. These shirts are made of 100 percent African organic cotton. To start the process, farmers plant, grow, cultivate and pick cotton.

The cotton is soon transported to the mill where it is cleaned, baled and then spun into thread. The thread is then woven into fabric and is eventually made into a T-shirt and finished. In short, there are a lot of hands that go into making ONE’s T-shirts.

In the fall, be on the lookout for our new line of hooded sweatshirts made in Swaziland.

The T-shirts are competitively priced with non-African made shirts, making this development a good business decision for ONE and helping to support our mission. In addition to receiving a fair and competive price, the shirts also enter the US under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which effectively eliminates tariffs and duties for ONE and also allows Africans to create economic opportunities that they otherwise would not have. Once we receive the blank shirts here in the US, we print them with styles we like (and some that our members have designed). Check out all of our shirts here.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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