Bono named most politically effective celeb of all time


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The National Journal, a weekly politics magazine for Washington insiders, just published a new report on celebrity activism that calls out ONE’s cofounder Bono as the most politically effective celebrity of all time.

The publication interviewed dozens of staff members on Capitol Hill, including Republican and Democratic operatives whom they regularly consult with, to narrow down a list of showbiz advocates who have made a lasting mark on politics and public affairs.

While the list was not ranked, National Journal Editor Ronald Brownstein, who wrote the piece, said Bono has “cut the mold” for celebrity activism. He complimented Bono’s nonpartisan approach and the results he has achieved in building support for the fight against extreme poverty in Africa.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Bono not only raised consciousness about his issues—poverty and health needs in Africa—but has changed the way that celebrities interact with politicians and issues. More than any single figure, he’s responsible for the tilt of celebrity activism toward poverty in the developing world; the increased emphasis on direct action as a complement to government lobbying; and attention to building institutions (such as the ONE campaign he cofounded to mobilize public support for African aid in the United States). And he has done all this while usually maintaining a wry sense of irony about his own privileged life; only occasionally straining his audience’s tolerance for sermons; and emphasizing outreach over confrontation with virtually everyone he interacts with”

“…This isn’t a ranking, but if it were, Bono unquestionably would have topped NJ’s list as the most politically effective celebrity of all time.”

To read National Journal’s full list, go to their website. Now it’s your turn. Which stars made the greatest positive impact on their chosen causes or campaigns? Tell us in the comments section below.


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