Marjorie Margolies speaks at screening of ‘Enemies of Happiness’


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Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a documentary film screening and panel discussion of “Enemies of Happiness” (film trailer below) in Philadelphia.

The event was organized in part by Women’s Campaign International (WCI), which was founded in 1998 by former Pennsylvania Congresswoman Marjorie Margolies to help women around the world, including several African nations, find their voices by giving them tangible skills in areas such as leadership, public speaking, media relations, grassroots organizing, campaign strategies, voter outreach and mobilization, polling, policy analysis and fund raising.

WCI has worked with political leaders, activists, advocacy groups and non-profit partner organizations to ensure that women have a legitimate opportunity to participate in the development of public policy and to ensure that women’s issues are placed on local, national and regional agendas. With the help of local civil society organizations, WCI is able to tailor its programs to fit the needs, culture and abilities of women in each country.

I had the chance to speak with Ms. Margolies after the event and to my delight, she was already familiar with ONE. She mentioned having met Bob Geldolf a number of years ago and speaking briefly with him about ONE’s efforts to help the poorest people on earth to rise up out of poverty. Ms. Margolies immediately put on the ONE band I presented her with and was eager to learn more about becoming involved with ONE in Pennsylvania and beyond.

-Barb Barrar, ONE Congressional District Leader, New Jersey


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