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Since its launch in mid-December, ABC’s year-long global health series, Be the Change: Save a Life, has been airing inspirational stories in global health that are right up ONE’s alley. From a webcast with Bill and Melinda Gates on the power of vaccines to a spotlight on Plumpy Doz, a revolutionary product that provides much-needed nutrition to babies (shown in the video player below), these short vignettes across all of ABC’s outlets are helping to educate and move the American public to take action.

Speaking of action, one of our favorite recent features comes from non-profit food producer, Edesia, a Rhode Island-based operation dedicated to treating and preventing malnutrition for the most vulnerable in the developing world. From now until February 20, Edesia is asking students — elementary through high school — to submit drawings, photographs, essays, short films and artwork that answer the questions, “What does hunger look like to you?” and “What can you do to help people who are hungry?”

Edesia will showcase all winning entries at their upcoming Hunger for Answers Conference, which brings together leading voices in the fight against hunger to highlight solutions to global and national nutritional issues. Lucky for us, all the winning entries will also be featured on the Be the Change website.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Be the Change, or you’re like most of us, and haven’t had a chance to watch much TV lately, you’re in luck! You can watch all the stories online and browse through the multitude of actions you can take while you’re at it. And for an easy way to get the latest updates and stories from the field, make sure to “Like” Be the Change on Facebook.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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