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“Lives on the Line” campaign display at the event

On World AIDS Day, we had the privilege of hosting a documentary screening of “The Lazarus Effect” at Northpark Community Church in Santa Clarita, California. We combined the event with a special prayer service based around World Vision Acts: “Lives on the Line” campaign against HIV/AIDS.

One thing that I appreciated about the film is that it explains the progress that patients on ARVs experience in vivid detail. Those of us who are activists know that it can be hard to explain to people why we are constantly lobbying for more money to be allocated to the Global Fund or PEPFAR.

“The Lazarus Effect” is a great resource that movingly depicts the living proof that the medicine saves lives! Everyone who attended left with renewed enthusiasm to continue the fight for those suffering from HIV/AIDS. One mom in our group said that the film has inspired her to share the success stories with people in her small group the following night!

-Ryan Townsend, young adults pastor and ONE member


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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