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Since ONE Vote 2010 started in June, our Colorado State Organizer Nick Stevens has been on the road, meeting volunteers, talking to Senate candidates, blogging and Tweeting about his experiences and making sure that Coloradans know about ONE’s issues.

Now that Election Day is here and our ONE Vote 2010 campaign is coming to a close, we thought it would be cool for our members to see what Nick’s day-to-day life is like. For instsance, I had no idea that it involved so much driving. And I didn’t know how early he had to wake up, either. Enjoy this piece, and make sure to leave a comment and say hi to Nick. -Malaka Gharib

6:30 AM:
Rhonda the Honda (the name of my car) and I start off the day driving from Denver toward Greeley. To the west, the front range of the Rocky Mountains. To the east, the sunrise. This is the second best part of the morning (coffee is the first — which I had no time to make this morning, grrrrrrrr).

8:00 AM:
Arrive in Greeley to meet six ONE volunteers, including ONE’s newest campus leader, Sarah from University of Northern Colorado.

8:15 AM:
Senator Michael Bennet arrives at the Weld County Democrat Headquarters in a big, red tour bus.

8:45 AM:
After ONE members thanked Sen. Bennet for his support of ONE, I said a quick goodbye and grabbed a picture before hopping on the road again with Rhonda the Honda. This time to Fort Collins!

9:45 AM
Arriving in Fort Collins. Admittedly, I am happy to see I had beat the big red bus, but then again it is about six times the size of Rhonda the Honda.

10:00 AM
Sen. Bennet arrives at the Larimer County Democratic Headquarters. This time, Senator Mark Udall, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Rep. Betsy Markey have joined the party. We have ONE bands for all!

10:15 AM
ONE member LouAnne speaks to Sen. Bennet while I talk with Senator Udall, a former ambassador for ONE during ONE Vote ’08.

11:45 AM
The Bennet bus arrives in Longmont, Colorado. Sen. Udall is wearing his ONE band that he got at the last rally!

11:55 AM
ONE meets Sen. Bennet for the third time that day and before lunch!

12:15 AM
Driving the final stretch along the front range of the Rocky Mountains to Denver. It’s difficult to keep your eyes on the road when you have such a beautiful view to the west!

1:00 AM
Back in Denver, I grab lunch at a local restaurant.

2:00 PM
Leave the restaurant and head to the Denver ONE Campaign Office (aka. home). Time to do laundry before the candidates think I smell funny.

3:00 PM
Pulling up the candidate’s websites, I discover the next two days are filled with events across the ENTIRE state. Time to make some calls to our amazing volunteers!

10:00 PM
Heading to bed early. Leaving at 6am tomorrow for Eagle, CO to meet Senate candidates Ken Buck and Michael Bennet with more ONE members!

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-Nick Stevens, ONE Vote 2010 State Organizer, Colorado


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