Times editorial says Global Fund donors need to ‘ante up’


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In case you missed it, the New York Times published an editorial on Saturday on the disappointing outcome of the Global Fund replenishment, urging donor countries to “ante up” and Congress to consider adding more to its donation. “This effort is essential for global health and the stability of fragile nations,” said the Times.

We couldn’t agree more. Donors from both the private and public sector were able to contribute $11.7 billion to the Global Fund over the next three years, but didn’t come close to reaching the Fund’s lowest financial scenario of $13 billion, and certainly nowhere near $20 billion, their target goal.

“The money pledged will be enough to ensure that anyone now being treated will continue to get help,” said the Times. But “the rate at which the fund has been expanding its work will be greatly slowed.”

If you haven’t yet, please read the outcome analysis from our global health policy expert Todd Summers, who attended the replenishment meeting in New York City earlier this month. His piece includes a breakdown of donor contributions and next steps for ONE members.

Although we can’t predict what will happen next, one thing is certain — our work with the Global Fund is not over yet. It’s great to see that mainstream media organizations like the New York Times are supporting increased funding for the Fund, and as advocates for the world’s poorest, we have to keep the pressure up.


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