BeadforLife hosts a ‘Lazarus Effect’ screening


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The best part of working for ONE is being part of a large movement of people who aim to fight extreme poverty and global disease and help the world’s poorest people help themselves. So, I feel lucky to be able to meet so many other people who are doing incredible work for those living in extreme poverty.

ONE’s partner BeadforLife works to empower women in Uganda by giving them opportunities to become economically self-sufficient through the sale of bead jewelry and other products. Besides being a great example of how trade can empower Africans, BeadforLife’s staff is also interested in advocacy.

They invited me to their Boulder, Colorado office to talk about how ONE advocates for the global poor and screened the film, “The Lazarus Effect.” The film hit home for the ladies at BeadforLife because approximately 43 percent of their Ugandan bead makers are HIV positive.

It can have a devastating effect on an individual’s ability to work and provide for a family. Ultimately, Africans want to lift themselves out of poverty, but as Americans, we can help those on the brink of death return to work with just two 40-cent pills. Already, the Global Fund has saved more than four million lives through these simple interventions.

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-Nick Stevens, ONE Vote 2010 state organizer, Colorado


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