Big announcement: The Global Fund gets $4 billion from Obama Administration


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I’m here in New York, participating in the Global Fund’s replenishment meeting, and it’s been a busy morning with donors from the north and south making pledges to the Global Fund over the next three years. I’ll send along a detailed analysis from ONE’s perspective at the end of the day, but I wanted you to hear some major news from us first: The U.S. has just announced that it will pledge $4 billion over the next three years.

Ambassador Eric Goosby, head of the U.S.’ AIDS programs, said on behalf of the Obama Administration:

“We strongly support the Global Fund’s collaborative, country-driven, performance-based approach to fighting the three diseases, and we are proud to be the Global Fund’s largest donor.”

As you know, we’ve been campaigning hard with your support over the last few months for $6 billion over three years, so this obviously falls short of what we had called for, and we are disappointed. We recognize that this is still a solid increase given the current economic environment, and we are glad to see the U.S. make its first-ever three-year pledge, but this funding level does not put us on track to meet two major health goals by 2015: the virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission and the end of malaria deaths.

To the 85,000 ONE members who signed our petition on the Global Fund: thank you for all you’ve done to help secure this increase. Today is just a starting point for us, and we’re going to work harder than ever to ensure that the U.S. demonstrates real leadership and increases its commitments to this effective mechanism in the coming years.

I did reach out to Dr. Goosby, a long-time friend, and thanked him and his team for getting the US pledge this far and for their commitment to embrace strengthening of the Fund at the country level.

Please stay tuned throughout the day for more on pledges from other countries and the private sector, as well as our overall reactions.


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