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In preparation for the Global Fund replenishment meeting next week, the Born HIV Free campaign, the U.N. Foundation and other partner organizations have come out with some fantastic and powerful videos to help educate people on the importance and value of the Fund. Each one presents a clear cut case for why the Global Fund is a key agent in drastically improving the state of public health in countries that are suffering the worst from these sweeping epidemics.

The first (and my personal favorite) is the documentary, “A New Picture of Health”, produced by the U.N. Foundation and narrated by Dr. Jane Goodall. The video delivers a comprehensive narrative history of the Global Fund, how it works, and how its initiatives are saving countless lives day in and day out. Watch the trailer above, then go to Vimeo to watch the full version.

The Born HIV Free campaign released a whole collection of videos, some showcasing stories of individual women who have benefited from the Fund. Here are three I found interesting:

  • “More Than 15 Million AIDS Orphans In The World”
  • “The Global Fund: Together We Can Do Great Things”
  • “All Mothers Can Protect Their Children From HIV”
  • If you find yourself moved, please spread the word by sharing them with everyone you know. The more awareness we can drum up for the Global Fund, the more likely donor countries will be persuaded to help out.

    Do you know of a Global Fund video we missed? Let us know in the comments below.


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