Nigeria’s plan to privatize power grid a step in the right direction


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Great news on the transparency and corruption front: Nigerian President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan recently announced a multibillion dollar plan that would help repair and privatize the country’s corrupt national power grid.

Nigeria shouldn’t have had any problems with electricity in the first place — oil and natural gas are some of the country’s biggest resources. But the power grid was so corrupt and unreliable that people had to depend on their own generators for energy.

According to the Nigerian finance minister, moves to improve electricity production could bring economic growth of 10 percent a year by 2011. Experts also say it would help boost employment and productivity — imagine how much more work you could get done if you didn’t have to worry about the lights flickering on and off!

Although many people are doubtful whether President Jonathan will follow through (I guess it’s probably worth noting that he’s running for reelection in January), it’s still a big leap in the fight against corruption and should be recognized. Let’s not forget that Africa loses around $148 billion each year as a result of corruption alone.

While President Goodluck Jonathan probably won’t need our good luck, we wish it to him anyway. We’ll always be here to promote and support any move toward accountability, transparency and stability.


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