In New Hampshire, poverty issues are both red and blue


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ONE is hitting the campaign trail to find out where candidates in New Hampshire, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and Florida stand on extreme poverty. Stay tuned for more updates like these from our field team and organizers on the road.

Last night, New Hampshire Senate candidate Bill Binnie held an event at the baseball stadium here in Manchester, N.H. I went with some ONE members to talk to him about ONE and let him know more about our efforts to encourage continued bold US leadership in the fight against AIDS, malaria and hunger in Africa.

As soon as we got to the stadium we were greeted by our New Hampshire ONE Vote Republican Chair, John Lyons, who kindly took a quick photo with us for the ONE blog.

I also saw many former political staffers who got to know ONE during our ONE Vote effort in 2008. People from Mike Huckabee’s campaign, John McCain’s campaign and others all remembered and complimented ONE’s bipartisan efforts to celebrate recent US efforts to fight AIDS and poverty — like the Tom Lantos and Henry J. Hyde United States Global Leadership Against HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria Act that passed the Senate in 2008 — with support from Democrats like Sens. Biden and Kerry and Republicans like Sununu and Coburn.

Known to many ONE members as PEPFAR, the plan that President Bush originally announced in 2002 has helped prevent the spread of HIV, putting more than 5 million people on 40-cent pills to fight AIDS. This is something that all ONE members and all Americans should take great pride in!

Americans from everywhere are coming together and uniting with ONE to support urgent, life-saving action and stand tall with proud Africans who struggle each day to overcome extreme poverty and beat back corruption. Good people from both sides of the political aisle and both sides of the oceans have stood tall in the past few years to help save lives and build a better and more prosperous world for all.

Today, with ONE Vote 2010, we celebrate those great efforts and aim to make sure that our leaders continue to enact better policy for the world’s poorest people in the future!

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Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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