Eric Goosby and others respond to New York Times HIV/AIDS articles


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Over the weekend, the New York Times printed several letters in response to last week’s articles on the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. The letters provide an interesting cross-section of perspectives and responses on where America’s fight against global AIDS stands.

Eric Goosby, the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, wrote that the NY Times article “conveyed an unjustifiably negative picture of the global AIDS fight.” He wrote that, “While challenges remain, we are building on and expanding our successes, not walking away from them. This is a global responsibility, and we are using this success story to invite other governments and donors to join us in meeting it.”

A nurse who has helped treat AIDS patients in Ethiopia also wrote that she was disheartened by the article, but found encouragement “that maybe, just maybe, the urgency of the situation is now clear to the American people, and we will join forces and call on President Obama to build upon, not shift from, the success of Pepfar.”

Check out all the letters here and, if you haven’t yet, you can read a good analysis by ONE’s Josh Lozman and Erin Hohlfelder here.


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