Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

The message here is pretty simple: FEED. ONE. For each FEED 1 bag sold, we will FEED One hungry child in school for One year.

This is the 1 bag that started it all. Back in 2005, Lauren Bush had been an Honorary Spokesperson for the UN World Food Program (WFP) for a few years. She had seen the power of school-feeding, where a child is given the simple gift of a free school meal, which includes the incentive to get to school, the energy to learn, and the micronutrients to grow. She knew that if people knew they could give the gift of school feeding for one child for one year, they would.

She brought her concept (and a well-made sample) of the FEED 1 bag to the UN WFP and found a partner in Ellen Gustafson, who was working at WFP to raise awareness about hunger and the solutions to it.

As Team FEED, we set out to sell one bag at a time, providing one school meal at a time for malnourished kids. For each FEED 1 bag that one customer buys, 200 school lunches are provided to a child so that she or he can attend a normal school year and focus on bettering their lives; not on finding food or their nagging hunger. Through sales of one bag at a time, we have been able to provide over 50 million school meals since we started in April 2007.

The FEED 1 bag was designed to give hungry children life and hope AND to reduce plastic bags. Each bag is made of 100% organic cotton and burlap and is meant to be a reusable shopping bag to stash your stuff instead of creating one more clog in the landfill.

By partnering with ONE to sell our FEED 1 bags, we are working together to highlight the power that one person can have to change another one’s life. We are raising awareness and money to fight hunger and the extreme poverty that so often accompanies it.

By wearing a FEED 1 bag, you become a part of the solution to apathy and you help to advocate on behalf of the children who are not being heard. With one FEED 1 bag, you are extending a hand around the world to help ONE child who desperately needs you. Thank you for caring.

-Ellen Gustafson, Executive Vice President and Co-Founder of FEED
PS- You can find FEED 1 bags, along with other ONE gear at the ONE store.


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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