Vaccine Access Test

Are the actions of leaders in government and business ensuring that those who need a vaccine most, get a vaccine first?

The Vaccine Access Test answers this question.

Fair global distribution of COVID-19 vaccines will end the pandemic faster for everyone, saving lives and helping economies recover.

The science tells us that those most at risk of catching and spreading the virus, and those most vulnerable to its effects, must have access first, regardless of nationality or wealth.

We’ve consulted world leading experts and set criteria based on what the science tells us needs to happen. Here’s what we measure:

  • Supporting the COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A): Funding the only mechanism positioned to deliver a coordinated global response.
  • Multilateral Leadership: Working with others to ensure everyone has access.
  • Policies: Instituting and promoting policies that ensure everyone has access.
  • Deals: Agreeing deals that allocate doses to those most in need and ensure costs aren’t a barrier to access.

We have scored G20 countries plus the EU and AU, and the companies striking deals for promising vaccine candidates. Here’s how they stack up:



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Each score is influenced by multiple factors, but commonalities exist across actors in each category:

  • Those who are impeding equity are going it alone, failing to work across borders and to share information.
  • Those with room for improvement are taking some welcome actions collectively to speed the delivery of vaccines globally, but lack consistency on equity across policies and deals.
  • While no one has reached the pinnacle of advancing equity, this must change as more actions are taken. ONE will release updated scores the first week of every month to see who is rising to the challenge to end the pandemic.

The Vaccine Access Test is intended to start conversations and even debates around how to end this pandemic, and lead to concrete actions that move us collectively in the right direction.

Because none of us are safe until all of us are safe.