It will take 108 years to achieve gender equality at the rate we’re going.

In August, a group of the wealthiest nations will meet at the G7 summit in France. We urgently need concrete action from them in order to see equality sooner.

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Ahead of the G7 summit, ONE is sharing The Times We Want — what the world could look like if women made the news — with the help of the Gender 7, a group of women who are fighting to make these headlines tomorrowʼs reality.

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Over forty inspiring activists from fifteen African countries on the front lines of the fight for gender equality co-signed a powerful letter to world leaders demanding progress, not promises for women everywhere.

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If we hope to deliver the most ambitious goals humankind has ever set — the Sustainable Development Goals — we need our leaders to make policy changes and put more money behind this fight.
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Adopt Progressive Laws

All governments should commit to introducing two, new progressive laws by 2022, and to the abolition of sexist laws.

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Support Africa’s Digital Loop

African and G7 governments, and the private sector, need to make it easier to invest in the digital sector so that Africa can catch up with the rest of the world.

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Track Commitments to Completion

Leaders should support the creation of a Global Alliance for Gender Equality that holds governments and the private sector to account for any commitments they make on gender equality, starting with those made at the G7 summit.

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Raise More Revenue

African governments must set ambitious targets for raising more domestic revenue, which contributes significantly more resources than ODA and could help finance the fight against extreme poverty.

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Finance the Fight

All governments need to make significant financial commitments in order to fully fund the fight for gender equality, and in particular to provide women with digital access to financial services, to get more girls into school and to support women entrepreneurs and activists.

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Target Aid Towards the Poorest

All G7 countries must invest 0.7% of their GNI on aid as soon as possible and make sure it reaches the poorest countries, otherwise sub- Saharan Africa will be home to 90% of people living in extreme poverty by 2030. Aid must be focused on driving gender equality.

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Partner with Africa

The G7 should forge an equal partnership with Africa that leads the way in fighting against inequalities – especially around gender – and corruption, and that helps us achieve the SDGs.

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Open the Books

Companies should be made to make relevant financial information public, reporting on every county they operate in, and on every subsidiary company they own, so that countries can see how much tax they should be paying.

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Set the Standard on Debt

We need new rules for sharing information about financial transactions in borrower and lender countries and in the public and private sectors so that we can tackle corruption.

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Close Loopholes that Enable Corruption

Making information public about who owns and controls companies and trusts would make it harder for people to channel money out of Africa without it being traced – this could provide more money for fighting extreme poverty.

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Spend Money to Make Money

Africa could finance its own fight against extreme poverty and gender inequality if more aid was focused on helping raise more domestic resources.

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