ONE Campaign responds to Spending Round: ‘Two steps forward, one step back for UK aid’

Today (4/9/19), Chancellor Sajid Javid MP gave a statement on the Spending Round, which sets out the Government’s spending plans for the next 12 months and how public funds will be allocated across Whitehall. Though brief, the mention of how UK aid will be spent was significant, as it shows that more is needed for the Government’s approach to international development.

Speaking in response, Romilly Greenhill, UK Director of The ONE Campaign, said:

“For UK aid the Spending Round was two steps forward, one step back. We welcome the commitment to 0.7%. We also welcome DFID’s budget increase, as the department spends by far the best quality aid across government. We’re pleased that the government has recognised that departments need to up their game when it comes to spending UK aid, and allocated funding for extra DFID staffing to help them. 

“It is disappointing to see the FCO and Home Offices get big increases in aid given when their aid doesn’t target the poorest people or countries, and the FCO is one of the least transparent donors in the world. Big cross-government funds like the Prosperity Fund and CSSF also see big increases, even though ONE’s analysis shows they are neither poverty focused or effective. 

“During next year’s full Spending Review, the Chancellor must ensure that all UK aid is poverty focused, effective and transparent, making a real change for the world’s poorest people.”