More than 152 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance globally — and over 65.6 million have been forced to flee their homes.

While humanitarian organisations race to provide lifesaving efforts, the funding levels are faltering. In fact, humanitarian appeals are on average barely 30% funded. Because of that, it’s more important than ever to be able to make the most effective and impactful use of resources. But the data on humanitarian aid isn’t really fit for that purpose. Resources can’t be tracked to results in real-time. Where we have information, it is dispersed across platforms and in different formats — and it doesn’t tell a compelling story about how commitments benefit real people.

That’s why the ONE Campaign has been working over the past year to understand the challenges around combining and presenting data on refugees and internally displaced people. While huge challenges remain, the result of our efforts is a tool that aims to bring together data on these vulnerable populations’ movements, needs, and funding levels. It’s all in one place for the first time in order to form a more complete picture of humanitarian need and support.

For more detail on our efforts and what we learned, read the accompanying brief:

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