Pandemic Response Report Card: United States

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… since President Joe Biden said "Ending this pandemic means ending it everywhere."

What’s next?

The US has committed to sharing 1.1 billion doses. It delivered the promised 280 million doses by the end of 2021. President Joe Biden also hosted a meeting in September 2021 to kick start a global effort to vaccinate 70% of the population in each income category by September 2022.

The US was also the largest foreign aid donor in 2020, providing a total of $35.5 billion, an increase of almost 5%. Still, the US committed only $6.2 billion to the Access to COVID-19 Accelerator (ACT-A) in 2021, short of the $9.8 billion it was asked to pledge.

The current US administration was also critical in moving the historic allocation of $650 billion in new Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) in 2021 and has pressed wealthy countries to recycle those SDRs to countries in need. The US must now commit the dollars necessary to get COVID-19 vaccines into arms, to develop therapeutics and save lives now, and to establish a financing mechanism to beat future pandemics.