Pandemic Response Report Card: Italy

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… since Prime Minister Mario Draghi said "Successful vaccination campaigns and coordinated action from governments and central banks have allowed the global economy to rebound."

What’s next?

Leading the G20 summit in Rome this year, Prime Minister Mario Draghi underlined the necessity for multilateralism to end the pandemic. The summit saw important progress, with a global commitment to support the economic recovery of low-income countries and to meet vaccine targets. But the summit fell short on establishing concrete, time-bound plans to deliver promised vaccines and financing. Alongside many other G7 countries, Italy also pledged to recycle 20% of its Special Drawing Rights allocation to low-income countries, an important step in financing a global economic recovery.

However, Italy has only delivered 12.6 million of the 45 million doses it committed to share by the end of 2021. Italy provided $98 million in aid for COVID-19 activities during 2020. ButItaly has committed only $493 million of the requested $890 million contribution to the Access to COVID-19 Tools Accelerator (ACT-A). Italy must close the 36 million gap in vaccine doses and fill the $397 million financing gap to ACT-A.