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I’ve just sent an urgent letter to key European politicians who have the power to shine a light on a trillion dollar scandal that’s denying millions the chance to escape extreme poverty. This week we’re asking our most active members to send a letter too.

Right now corporate lobbyists for multinational oil companies are trying to weaken a new European law that would end the secrecy over trillions of dollars they pay to governments across Africa for their natural resources.

These secret payments allow some corrupt government officials to pocket profits from oil, gas, mining and forestry instead of investing in schools, roads and health clinics. When spent properly this money has the potential to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty.

Over 90,000 ONE members have signed our petition on this, which we’ve delivered to key governments across Europe. But now we need to pressure another key group of decision makers.

A committee of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are now debating the proposed law and we need your help to make sure they make the right decision. They have just received a draft report suggesting a new version of the law and now have the opportunity to make amendments that will strengthen this proposal. We need it to be as strong as possible before all MEPs vote on whether to pass the proposals into law for the 27 countries in the European Union.

We’ve built an action page with quick and easy steps explaining how to write to these MEPs, asking them to ignore the corporate lobbying and make sure the new law helps lift millions out of poverty.

Thank you for your continued support!


Join the fight against Extreme Poverty

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