Why we’re heading to Munich

Why we’re heading to Munich

Munich. A beautiful German city on the banks of River Isar, north of the Bavarian Alps, home to international sports events, exhibitions, Oktoberfest, and come this evening, 250 Youth Ambassadors from 11 countries. So, not your average Thursday.

They’ll be arriving in southern Germany for the 41st G7 Summit, which in a crucial year for the world’s poorest people, offers a rare opportunity for campaigners to make their voices heard to an audience of world leaders.

So, why are they heading there? We asked Youth Ambassadors from across Europe to tell you:

Franziska Küster, Germany:

“If the G7 are making decisions which are going to influence the fates of countless people, it needs some friendly reminders, who indicate that development cooperation only works in a dialogue. I am going to Munich to serve as a mouthpiece.”

Roisin Keane, Ireland:

Roisin Keane

ONE Youth Ambassador Roisin Keane

“I hope to be an agent of social change by using my presence and my voice as advocacy and lobbying tools to amplify the message of ONE and to request a higher standard of adherence to commitments by global stakeholders when combating extreme poverty. It’s an important year, the Sustainable Development Goals being announced, and I want to kick-off the summer with a high.”

Ollie Templeman, UK:

ONE Youth Ambassador Ollie Templeman

ONE Youth Ambassador Ollie Templeman

“Reducing extreme poverty is crucial and it makes sense to help the poorest people in the world. Closing your eyes; putting your hands over your ears; hoping it will all go away? All it will do is get closer to your doorstep. That’s why I’m heading to Munich.”

Nil Idil Cakmak, Germany:

“The G7 offers hope to end extreme poverty by 2030. I believe that only with shared efforts we can achieve this goal. That is the reason why I am proud to go with ONE and all the Youth Ambassadors to the G7 Summit in Munich.”

Rossella Sala, Italy:

ONE Youth Ambassador Rossella

ONE Youth Ambassador Rossella

“For me, attending the ONE Summit is not only a way to make my voice heard and advocate for a more equal world, but a unique opportunity to meet fellow Ambassadors from other countries and share our thoughts on development and human rights issues. I am confident the Summit is going to be a highly inspiring and motivating moment and I feel utterly grateful for being given the chance to participate in this event.”

Laure Bohin, France:

“This mission requires the mobilisation of the whole society, but particularly of our political leaders. In addition to the national campaigns we undertake, and in order to make ourselves heard, we will gather in Munich with our counterparts from all over Europe, just before the G7. We are very excited to meet with them and exchange together. ONE Summit 2015, here we come.”

Elvira Meiboom, The Netherlands:

ONE Youth Ambassador Elvira Meiboom

ONE Youth Ambassador Elvira Meiboom

“At the beginning of 2015 I promised to make this world a little bit more beautiful, vote by vote, action by action I’m travelling to the G7 to reach my goal. We can end poverty and our voice can be heard. We’re not only asking the leaders to make a change, we have to act and set an example ourselves.”

Sandra Garcia Lopez, Belgium:

ONE Youth Ambassador Sandra Garcia Lopez

ONE Youth Ambassador Sandra Garcia Lopez

“This trip to Munich is a unique opportunity to show world leaders of the G7 that we, young people, do care about poverty and expect the same from them. 2015 is an essential year for development, a chance to look forward for a future without extreme poverty. We believe we can achieve this goal and will not stop demanding a better world.”

If YOU want to keep up to date with what’s happening at the G7 then keep an eye out for new ONE blogs or check out what the Youth Ambassadors are doing to stand #AgainstPoverty here


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