Where would you be without an education?

Where would you be without an education?


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Have you ever wondered where you would be without an education?

A group of people from all walks of life agreed to let us hypnotize them, to find out how they would handle losing their ability to read, write, and count. The results of the experiment were incredible.

Under hypnosis, our participants were led to believe they couldn’t read or write and everyday tasks, like telling time or reading an expiration date, became impossible.

Luckily, their inability to read and write was temporary, but for millions of refugee children, it’s a reality they live with daily and can become a lifetime of missed opportunities.

Lack of education can be devastating to refugee children. Often, children must work to survive; other times, they are pushed into early marriages. These children have already lost their homes. They shouldn’t lose their futures, too.

This September, our leaders will be meeting in New York to discuss the global refugee crisis— they need to put education at the heart of that conversation.

We stand #WithRefugees and demand #EducationForRefugees.

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