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AFP: Africa needs new AIDS battle plan, 30 years on: experts
A new battle plan for fighting AIDS is needed in sub-Saharan Africa, the world’s hardest-hit region, where most people with the possible deadly virus are unaware of their condition, experts said Tuesday.

WordPress.org: Africans in the Diaspora: Development Partnerships
Dr. Chinua Akukwe, an expert on HIV/AIDS strategies, examines how western countries can make Africa Diaspora populations a lynchpin of United States policy in Africa.

VOA News: African Deaths Linked to HIV and TB Prompt Stepped Up Response
In sub-Saharan Africa, the AIDS death rate is seriously compounded by a high percentage of HIV-positive patients who also contract tuberculosis. Wednesday in Washington at the opening of the 36th International Conference on Global Health, medical experts, researchers, and advocates will discuss ways to coordinate and strengthen the fight against TB in combination with the campaign against HIV/AIDS.

Reuters: Yellow fever campaigns may stop due to shortfall: WHO
Emergency supplies of yellow fever vaccines are set to run out next year, and there is no funding to continue immunisation campaigns after that, World Health Organisation experts said on Tuesday.

BBC News: Zimbabwe cholera ‘to top 100,000’
The number of cholera cases in Zimbabwe is expected to reach 100,000 this week, according to the Red Cross. While the infection rate has slowed, the underlying causes of Africa’s worst cholera epidemic in 15 years have not been fixed, warned the aid group. So far, 98,309 cases have been reported, with some 4,283 deaths.

New York Times: Childbirth in Tanzania
Today’s New York Times offers an excellent photo essay depicting childbirth in Tanzania as ‘a case study in the ways that African nations are trying to improve bleak statistics.’

-Chandler Smith

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