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14:23 updated with video

So- I just finished helping coordinate the CNBC interview with two African G20 Voice bloggers, Daudi Were of Kenya and Sokari Ekine of Nigeria alongside Bob Geldof. (I’ll be able to upload some video of it in a bit.) We are working to make sure the media are giving space for opinions and insights from Africa. Many media outlets are now coming by to interview Daudi, which is amazing.

Overall, it’s an incredible privilege to be able to attend this summit and to have the opportunity to advocate for ONE’s goals in such a giant room full of journalists who are often prone to forgetting to cover Africa. So what exactly are our goals? Here they are again below in a very simple list:

1. We want the leaders to agree an immediate $50bn fiscal stimulus for sub-Saharan Africa – many African countries are suffering from the effects of economic downturn, even though they were little to do with the origins of the crisis. Vital development assistance will not only help save trade and jobs but also lives.

2. We also want international institutions to be reformed so that the people of developing countries have a voice at the global level. The World Bank and other organizations are run by developed countries – making them represent developing countries will help ensure a fairer world.

3. We also need better regulation of the financial system – over $800billion of illicit cash flows out of tax havens – imagine if governments could capture that money and put it to good use. So we’re hoping for a deal on tax havens today.

Ok…back to working the room.


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