We did it! New vaccine funding will save millions of lives

We did it! New vaccine funding will save millions of lives


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I’m writing this from Berlin at the end of an amazing day.  In the last few months, an incredible 148,466 people signed our petition calling for world leaders to step up their support for Gavi, the vaccine alliance, and help give every child a healthy start at life. It probably only took each person a minute to do, but when we pull together on that scale – our leaders listen.

Today, governments and other donors met in Berlin to make new pledges to fund vaccines for the world’s poorest children. Thanks to the pressure ONE members helped apply, they added an incredible $7.5 billion to the pot.

That’s enough to save up to 6 million lives over the next 5 years. Wow.

We’ll be watching all donors closely to make sure they deliver the funds they have promised. And with your help we’ll continue campaigning for better healthcare for more people in poor countries, because every parent deserves to give their child a healthy start in life.

Right now, help us celebrate.  Share the good news with your friends and family.

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